The lil boss reads: Quiet corner

I had been reading about the need to create quiet time for little children so that they would be used to having the time and space to recharge, create and reflect. Together with that, I particularly enjoyed Curtis and Carter’s Designs for Living and Learning, which discussed (among other things) how to design living space that will allow a child to feel empowered in seeking out a space to be alone by themselves whenever they feel a need to. (Sidenote: This book is an excellent read on making living space relatable to kids, but also made me depress about how our preschools are not designed for it. More on that another time.)

As an introvert, I fully appreciate the time and space to be alone with my thoughts – I spend my quiet time sipping tea at a cafe, either with a book in hand or a blog entry to write. I find this time all the more important now with the constant bombardment of new information, new ideas, new people, made possible by readily available devices and fast speed internet.

However, the lil boss is exhibiting all signs of being an extrovert like Minion Two. He is also incredibly active, and is perfectly happy running aimlessly around the house. I was beginning to despair of ever introducing quiet time, when in a space of a month, he suddenly decided to implement it himself! (Again, I remind, I prayed to the Lord Almighty to give me a child He thought I could handle; He honestly did not think much of my capabilities as a mother!)

He started to spend pockets of time, sitting in a corner of his room, looking out at the trees and traffic on the expressway below by himself. He would mostly laze, but occasionally he brought a book, which pleases me no end. The grandparents would frown on my philosophy, but I genuinely think that I should leave him be and out of my sight for these little pockets on the sheer faith that I have already babyproofed the place enough that there is very little risk. Even toddlers deserve privacy!

To encourage his quiet, alone moments, I decided recently to put together a cosy corner right at the spot where he has already chosen for himself. His room was decorated in an animal theme, so I went along with it. This is what it looks like now – just a thin mattress, covered in a floor blanket my mum made and two bright-coloured cushions.

Comfortable and inviting methinks, and he loves it! He has been showing off his new cushions to his grandparents! Mummy-win!

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