The lil boss in school. Or not.

We have barely started school, and minion is in a quagmire and needs to do a straw poll.

We started at White House International, a school near Minion Two’s parents’, which I had settled on because it seemed to have a well-rounded programme that was not just preoccupied with academics – even for two year olds, yes. The facilities were new and the few teachers we met had great rapport with lil boss during the open house, and the fees were reasonable. I had been rather pleased with the choice…

… till we met the teacher in charge of lil boss’ class and every instinct tells me to keep my kid away.

I was not comfortable with Ms D pretty much from the get-go. In the short time I was there (and while there was this parent around!), I saw her lose her temper several times with the young children in the class, often shouting at them in irritation: “I said, do this!” and then grabbing them by the shoulder or arm to do exactly what she instructed. She had also forcibly pushed a couple of children down into a sitting position, and scolded a little girl for throwing up after a crying fit when her mother dropped her off with no move to calm the child first.

Is this common among preschool teachers? It’s a genuine question – dealing with two to three year-olds is tough, and I can understand having to physically move the children and having minimal patience. I have to live with a tyrant after all. Nonetheless, I did not expect the rough manhandling – Lord knows I am already not the gentlest person with my kid – but what is considered acceptable behaviour? Admittedly I was most taken aback by the grabbing and dragging even though the children really did seem none the worse for wear.

What trigger my alarm bells is how the children react to her. They do not look to her for comfort, they do not clamour for her attention and they make little effort to go near her when she entreats them to respond to her during class activities. In contrast, another teacher, L, walks by, and every child just runs to the class door to shout “L——!” When they need help, they would approach L instead of Ms D. They even approach me!

There’s a teeney part of me that is trying to resist being a lawnmower parent and just steel myself to let lil boss stick this out and try the environment, especially as he is beginning to adapt to school. I do not believe in giving my child everything on a platter and removing him from every problematic teacher, because he will have to learn how to deal with different and difficult people – BUT this is his first exposure to school, and every touchy-feely fibre in this INFJ is shouting ‘Get him out of there!”

Am I overreacting?

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