The lil boss plays: Sensory table on the cheap!

This last fortnight has been an exercise of temporary reprioritisation – I felt the need to pitch in more at work, and had to leave a sick lil boss with my parents for a few nights as I mulled over reports and get a better handle on my responsibilities in office. The lil boss dealt with not having a minion around very admirably, but I am not entirely convinced that my effort at work makes enough difference to the team to warrant that time spent away from home. (Economic rationale: when the marginal utility accrued to the team from my last ounce of effort at work is lower than the marginal utility accrued to the lil boss, I ought to shift resources accordingly.)

I wish more non-preachy books were written for working mothers. If only to commiserate on how bloody difficult it is to strike a balance between being fair to teammates and wanting to spend time with the kids.

Any case, I made up for the two weeks by spending every ounce of this past weekend, barring Monday, with Minion Two (who’s back for a vacation) and the lil boss. The lil boss had just learnt to communicate his preferred places to visit, so we ended up at the zoo again (“Go!” “Walk! Zoo! Bear-bear!”). His entire vocabulary now consists mostly of animals and food items, which suggests I need to broaden his library more, but it was amusing having him command the itinerary for the day. (“Bear bear!” Go!” “H-oooonk” (elephant) “Walk walk!” “Go! Go!” “Roar!” “Bra-bra!” (zebra))

In other news, I’m also very proud of the inexpensive sensory table we set up. We needed an art station, thanks to the amount of art supplies I have accummulated for the lil boss, and we needed it to be weather-proof, because the only space left is on the balcony. We ended up buying the largest IKEA storage box there was, and stacking a shallower one on top of that box to form a tray that the lil boss could stand around.

I can’t take credit for the design; I adapted it from a similar one we saw at the Chillax Market in Grandstand. We added a lid on top of two boxes, so that we can have an art table when we need it, and popped in a few small boxes of supplies under the ‘tray’ (coloured rice, crayons, colour pencils, paints, paper for now). To prevent the lil boss from raiding the supplies when backs are turned, we added two Dreambaby’s childproof latches to keep the lid locked onto the boxes.

It costs us a grand price of SGD 55! I reckon if I throw LED lights into the tray, I can also have a light-table for colour and shadow play. I can’t wait to use it with the lil boss. If the weather holds, I think the first activity we’ll have in this tray will be a water play station! (I have in mind a frog pondd, but we shall see!)

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