The lil boss reads: Books for an active toddler Part 1

As I type, the lil boss is running a high fever and Minion 2 has left for Washington DC again, and I am back at trying to be an adult and not gnash my teeth at being left to be the responsible (as opposed to ‘fun’) parent.

I did warn Minion 2 that his taking a posting overseas instantaneously granted me rights to emotional blackmail for the rest of our lives. Though for all my jibes, I do not envy his position much for missing out on some really entertaining times with the lil boss.

Except when he tells me that he is extending his work trip to Peru and joining his mates to Iceland for fun, joy and laughter just as I deal with a sick kid and glorious puke all over the kid’s bed.

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The lil boss reads: Quiet corner

I had been reading about the need to create quiet time for little children so that they would be used to having the time and space to recharge, create and reflect. Together with that, I particularly enjoyed Curtis and Carter’s Designs for Living and Learning, which discussed (among other things) how to design living space that will allow a child to feel empowered in seeking out a space to be alone by themselves whenever they feel a need to. (Sidenote: This book is an excellent read on making living space relatable to kids, but also made me depress about how our preschools are not designed for it. More on that another time.)

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